Gear Review: Best Watch for a Mud Run

by Ryan on February 20, 2013

Gear Review: Best Watch for a Mud Run – I really like G-Shock watches, and find them rugged enough to wear during a mud run – they are shock and water resistant, and they are often the choice of U.S. military personnel, so you know they can take a beating. G-Shock watches have lots useful features such a stopwatch so you can pace yourself during the race or training, and an alarm to let you know that it’s time to have another beer.

They even have a MUDMAN series – not sure if this is in response to the relatively recent upsurge mud runs, but they are pretty badass. has a pretty good selection, check them out here – they have a myriad of styles for both men and women.

And if you are interested in picking one up from, go here first for a $10 – $20 coupon and free shipping!

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