Gear Review: Best Shorts for a Mud Run

by Ryan on March 23, 2013

GearReview_ShortsGear Review: Best Shorts for a Mud Run – Coming from a guy who has run a few mud runs, I’ll give you my personal recommendation as to what I’ve found works best and why. (I would think that the same principals I describe below hold true if you are female, but I don’t have the lady-parts so I can’t be sure). I personally wear Under Armour – it’s rugged and well made, and really can take a beating.

1. Start out with compression shorts – I’ve found that wearing compression shorts as a base layer in a mud run really helps for a few reasons. First, it keeps everything (ahem) “high and tight” so when your making your way over that wall or through that tunnel, you don’t inadvertently pinch or twist something. Secondly, by being skin-tight, it keeps the larger materials and detrius that you will encounter in the mud out of your most intimate of areas. Yes, you will get wet and muddy, but you won’t get a stray pebble or rock caught in your whoo-haa. The HeatGear compression shorts by Under Armour are my favorite.

2. Then add board shorts – No one wants to see you running around in just your compression shorts. You will look like a tool. And people will see your tool, or whats left of it after that really cold water obstacle (turtle, turtle). Add some lightweight board shorts as a second layer. They shed water and mud quickly, provide good protection and are comfortable. Again, Under Armour makes some good stuff.

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Aaron May 8, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I agree on the compression shorts but any other shorts are just for personal feeling. Everyone looks like an idiot at a mud run. I have yet to see a dude in only a speedo but plenty of runners wear only compression shorts. You only look like a tool if you feel like one. I recommend training in what you will run in. If you can train in it you can race in it. Chaffing is your biggest enemy and compression shorts help with that.

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