Gear Review: Best Socks for a Mud Run

by Ryan on April 10, 2013

darn tough socks


Gear Review: Best Socks for a Mud Run – Has this ever happened to you? You get to the gym after work, all ready for a great workout, open your gym bag…and realize you forgot your gym socks. Damn it!

That means you two choices – either go barefoot, or wear the socks that you are already wearing – which for me means the funky work socks that I’ve been in all day. Wearing works socks at the gym?!? Shit like this really bums me out and I usually end up having a terrible workout. You have to wear the right socks for the right occasion!

Well, I’ve found the perfect sock for mud runs: The Darn Tough Merino Wool Light Hiker Quarter Socks (yes, I have specific socks for mud running – I told you I’m a gear head). I’ve worn these in 3 Tough Mudders and countless other shorter mud runs, and they still are in great shape. The merino wool sheds water easily, and keeps your feet warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather. And they have undetectable seams, which means fewer blisters. And they are made in Vermont and have a lifetime guarantee. These are serious socks!

The Darn Tough brand can be found at

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