Gear Review: Best Hydration Pack – Camelbak Dart 50oz

by Ryan on June 14, 2013


Gear Review: Best Hydration Packs – Camelbak Dart 50oz: I don’t usually see many people out on the course wearing hydration packs, but I’m sure glad that I had mine at the last Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania on June 1; temps were predicted to hit the low 90s.  And even though I knew the Tough Mudder would have a water station about every 2 miles, it was good to know we had our own stash of H2O – and my wife and I definitely used it.

We stayed well hydrated throughout the event, and also were able to store trail mix (replacing salts is a must) and even some suntan lotion, which was needed after a few water obstacles. We saw a bunch of people down around mile 8-9 with heat cramping, so having extra water, and a way to carry items to replenish lost minerals/electrolytes, was key. (I still fired down 5 beers when I crossed the finish line though!)

If you are looking to pick up a pack for your next event, what you want is a pack that is very compact and hugs your body so there is not a lot of jostling around when you are running and climbing over and under shit.

The Camelbak Dart 50 fits the bill.

It holds 1.5 liters of water (or beer, vodka…whatever), and has a couple of small pockets big enough to fit some gels or bars – and that’s really all you need for an event like the Tough Mudder. Check out the Camelback Dart 50 at – their prices seem to be a bit better than other major retailers.

If you are into longer hikes, and need more room or features, also has a large selection of other hydration packs at great prices.

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MDub September 3, 2014 at 12:45 am

Thanks for the tip! I filled the Camelbak Dart with 80 proof MadDog20/20 and ran through an urban area filled with shoppers. Access to alcohol was critical for committing crimes, and getaway was smoother with the Dart’s contoured fit.

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