Gear Review: Best Shoes for a Mud Run – Under Armour Spine Vice

by Ryan on March 30, 2015


BEst-shoes-for-a-mud-runGear Review: Best Shoes for a Mud Run – Many people think that you should just grab an old pair of shoes from the closet to wear for your mud run. That makes sense if you are only going to run one mud run – but if you are planning on doing multiple, you’ll want to invest in a pair that can take repeated beatings, and washings.

Enter the Spine Vice by UnderArmour.

These are great mud running shoes for a few different reasons. First off, they are extremely well built and durable.  After a run, you can just take them into the backyard, turn on the hose and blast away all the mud and grime. Then leave them on the deck to air dry, and they are good to go for the next time.

This shoe has a chunky tread which is great for running up and over hills and obstacles, and its also has breathable mesh, which lets the water drain out – this is important as you don’t want to be slogging around with wet, heavy shoes. And for being such a rugged shoe, its actually pretty light, thanks to the Under Armour Spine Cage technology (when not bogged down with a pound of mud, that is!).

These shoes kick some serious ass, and I think that they are perfect for mud runs.

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Check out the video below as to why the Spine Vice by Under Armour is a great shoe for mud running:


Under Armour Spine Rebel
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For colder weather mud runs, consider the Under Armour Spine Rebel – this shoe features the same UA Spine cage which provides the superior support, but it replaces the mesh with a durable UA Storm technology upper, which allows water to run right off. If you’re the type to not let the cold and rain ruin your outdoor fun (like me), this is a great shoe.

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