Mud Run Gear

“My name is Ryan, and I’m a Gear Head.”


I’m a gear head, I admit it. I like things like multitools, and pants with lots of pockets. And especially multitools that fit in my pant pockets. Bags with lots of zippers, and watches with lots of functions – I’m into all of it. So, when I do a mud run or an adventure race, I tent to over-analyze the gear that I think I might need for that particular event. (bear repellent or no bear repellent, hmm…)

However, the beauty of most mud runs is that you really don’t need much gear – usually just a pair of old sneakers and an advenuresome spirit.* But, if you’re like me and want to take your mud-running and training to the next level, you’ll want to gear up. I’ll post occasional gear reviews here of items that I’ve used in mud runs and can personally attest to their worthiness or shittiness.

*Exception: Cold-weather events. Please wear the right gear or you might die.

Here are a few pieces of gear that I really like:

MRP_BestHydrationPack_061413_smBest Hydration Pack for a Mud Run  – Camelbak Dart 50oz
I don’t usually see many people out on the course wearing hydration packs, but I’m sure glad that I had mine at the last Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania on June 1; temps were predicted to hit the low 90s.  And even though I knew the Tough Mudder would have a water station about every 2 miles, it was good to know…more >

MRP_Gear_CTR-TrainerHFGloves_smBest Gloves for a Mud Run: CTR Trainer HF Gloves
I’ve been doing obstacle course racing and mud running for a few years now, and the CTR Trainer HF Gloves are some of the best that I’ve come across. by Under Armour are some of the best that I’ve come across for the price. They are comfortable, grippy, and extremely lightweight…more >

MRP_GearReview_GShockWatch_th_smBest Watch for a Mud Run: G-Shock Watches
I really like G-Shock watches, and find them rugged enough to wear during a mud run – they are shock and water resistant, and they are often the choice of U.S. military personnel, so you know they can take a beating. G-Shock watches have lots useful features such a stopwatch so you can pace yourself during the race or training, and an alarm to let you know…more >

MRP_GearReview_UnderArmourShorts_th_smBest Shorts for a Mud Run: Under Armour Shorts
Coming from a guy who has run a few mud runs, I’ll give you my personal recommendation as to what I’ve found works best and why. (I would think that the same principals I describe below hold true if you are female, but I don’t have the lady-parts so I can’t be sure). I personally wear Under Armour – it’s rugged and well made, and really can…more >

MRP_GearReview_DarnToughSocks_tinyBest Socks for a Mud Run: Darn Tough Socks
Has this ever happened to you? You get to the gym after work, all ready for a great workout, open your gym bag…and realize you forgot your gym socks. Damn it! That means you two choices – either go barefoot, or wear the socks that you are already wearing – which for me means the funky work socks that I’ve been in all day…more >

MRP_BestShoe_051313_smBest Shoes for a Mud Run: The Spine Vice by Under Armour
Many people think that you should just grab an old pair of shoes from the closet to wear for your mud run. That makes sense if you are only going to run one mud run – but…more>


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